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Press release of the Heiche-Group  regarding the Ludwig-Erhard-Award 2008

“The Gerhard Heiche GmbH Oberflächentechnik was awarded the “Recognized for Excellence” prize at the Ludwig Erhard Awards.

Customer orientation and social commitment ensure economic success. The economic success of companies not only results from customer orientation, but social commitment and the effects on society are also important. These are important criteria at the company’s competition within the framework of the Ludwig Erhard Award. Heiche Oberflächentechnik in Schwaigern reached the 400 – 450 point range in its first attempt in the category of medium-sized companies and was awarded the status “Recognized for Excellence”. The presentation of the prizes took place on November 25, 2008 in Berlin.”

Ludwig Erhard Awards

The difference to many other awards is, that the Ludwig Erhard Prize is not based on a jury decision made from documents handed in, but rather on an assessment by an evaluation team onsite at the particular company, which lasts for several days. The evaluation team consists of voluntary specialists and executives from German companies. One team evaluates one company in the competition. First the applicant’s strategy documents, descriptions of procedures and results reports are analyzed.

If in a methodically sophisticated rating procedure, a high level of points is exceeded, then a visit onsite follows at which interviews with executive staff and employees help to provide the general view of the company. In addition to the awarding of points, an in-depth SWOT profile results from the evaluation process.

Besides doing well at the competition for the Ludwig Erhard Award, the applicants especially aim for the acknowledgement of the evaluation teams because the results give them important ideas for further development. The evaluators on the teams, who are working on a voluntary basis, use up to 200 hours of their own time to carry out the applications and to evaluate them. Their commitment is rewarded by in-depth insight into excellent companies.

The Ludwig Erhard Prize is supported by the “Initiative Ludwig Erhard Prize” and this award process is organized by the organizations of the German economy, Ludwig Erhard Foundation, the German Society for Quality (DGQ) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI).