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Heiche Group reduce CO2-Emissions

The European Union has committed itself to lowering the CO2 emissions to around 20% by 2020. Federal German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers even 30% savings realistic. If other large CO2 producer countries, participate; the European Union will be prepared to reduce these emissions to 30% according to Angela Merkel.
However, this large savings can only happen if the industry and each individual enterprise take part. This action should occur in the company’s own interest, because not only the CO2 emissions can be reduced, but also energy efficiency usage can increase.

Despite increasing orders and higher capacity, the Heiche Group has succeeded in reducing their energy consumption per turnover, thus reducing the CO2 emissions. The company’s set target of a 2% reduction per year was far exceeded with a value of 5.9% in 2007, and it is still ongoing. The trend of the energy consumption and thereby, the CO2 emissions is continuing to drop.

In order to achieve this, Heiche expanded on the roofs of the new logistics center at the Schwaigern location, the existing photovoltaic plant. The already installed photovoltaic plant produced 93,576 KW/H of electricity in 2007. This means that approx. 51,400 kg of CO2 was reduced using this kind of renewable energy. By expanding the photovoltaic plants on the new roofs, an even higher savings is ensured. Using a combined heat and power unit which burns vegetable oil, the Heiche Group produces a part of their heating and power at the parent plant in Schwaigern.

When comparing the vegetable oil consumed to the same quantity of fossil fuel, approximately 1,500,000 kg of CO2 was reduced in 2007.

In order to lower the CO2 emissions further, the energy requirements have been reduced using specific measures. These measures are worked out and implemented by a specially created engineering office, Intelligente Energie GmbH.
The idea is to start with the Heiche Group and then to offer other companies the knowledge gained from Heiche, so that together we can reduce your CO2 emissions and lower your energy costs.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. A team of technicians and engineers can answer your questions.