Nano Coating

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Nano Coating

The Heiche Group has been engaged in the application of products using chemical nano technology since the year 2000. The products which are inorganic-organic hybrid-polymers are, in large part, based on a sol-gel manufacturing process. The applied coatings are smooth, with very thin layers, known for a remarkable property profile. This property profile can be controlled variably with the respective synthetic intervention (“tailor-made”).


  • Excellent adhesion on metals (especially on light metals)
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Hydrophobic (easy to clean – effect)
  • Oil-repellent (oleophobic)
  • Resistant to mechanical loads
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Resistant to thermal stress (depending on the product from 250 to 700°C)
  • Layer thicknesses between 3-5µ (transparent) and 10-15µ (pigmented)

Because the properties described are already effective in very thin layers, the nano coating is distinguished by high material efficiency. An advantage of these high tech coatings is the service life. Thuseasy-to-clean-coatings in respective applications result in long term optically appealing surfaces, as well as energy savings, for example, in air conditioning.

The effectiveness of the nano coating as corrosion protection is also impressive. Nano-coated aluminum parts remained corrosion-free, even after 3000 hours of long-term load, during the salt spray test.

Comparative studies show that a further increase of the excellent properties is possible if the nano coatings are combined with the respective appropriate pre-treatment on the base material.

The coating is not only possible on metals. Surfaces made of ceramic, glass and plastic can also be coated with the corresponding modified nano products.

We’ll be happy to help you with your special application.