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“Innovative – not superficial”,is a motto that also applies for the laboratory at the Heiche Group. Because our customers have very high requirements for quality, the control and management of the process baths take center stage. The control of the chrome (VI)-free process baths is a big challenge to the analytics. During the past few years, the laboratory has been expanded step-by-step. In addition to automatic titrations, an atomic absorption spectrometer and an ion chromatograph have been added. In the first quarter of 2008, we also invested in HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) in Germany. With this process, we have state-of-the-art analytics.

In addition to the bath analytics, the customer’s requirements regarding coatings are regularly checked salt spray tests and condensation water testing in compliance with DIN. Testing the bonding ability of surfaces, the layer thickness, the micro hardness and the weight of the layer does not pose any problem at our company.

Environmental protection is an important topic in the laboratory, too. The laboratory team looks after the in-house sewage plant and controls the waste water from production. With our in-house waste water treatment center, we have received all permits in all countries and stay in compliance with legal requirements. Here the monitoring is done by photometric measurements.

In the in-house technical center it is possible to test new chemicals and processes under serial conditions. Customers are able to have their original parts sampled with new coating processes. If new processes get approved by our R&D department, they get integrated into the production line for serial production after additional tests. Like our chrome (VI)-free process, it was first tested in the technical centerand then integrated into production.