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We look ahead!

Our apprentices are the skilled employees of the future.

The Heiche Group offers qualified and secure apprenticeships in industrial, as well as in commercial areas in Germany. Every year we give school graduates the possibility to start an apprenticeship at the Heiche Group.

In our US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina we are looking into possibilities and want to develop an education program similar to Germany as well. Please read below, if you are interested.

Our apprenticeship programs in Germany:

Coating/Plating Technician
This includes the following skills in the first and second years of training: safety in work and accident prevention regulations, checking the coating ability of the work pieces, making solutions with certain concentrations of substances, measuring conductivity and ph-values, and recognizing the effect of heat treatment processes on the material and the subsequent surface treatments. Before the end of the second year of the apprenticeship, a practical and an oral examination take place. In the third year of the apprenticeship, the following items are taught: the designing and producing of auxiliary electrodes and covers, operating of plants, operating and checking the associated equipment (i.e. filter units, dosing stations and chemical dosing), cleaning and maintenance of the electrodes, proper disposal of waste and residues, and implementation of the quality management for the improvement of work quality.

Industrial Mechanic
Industrial mechanics work in the production, maintenance and monitoring of technical systems.They work with equipment, retrofitting and the commissioning of production plants. Typical fields of employment are maintenance, machining and plant construction, production technology and fine tool making. Industrial mechanics perform their duties independently and comply with the respective regulations and safety regulations. They control and document maintenance and assembly works taking the company’s quality management systems into account. They manufacture components and assemblies and install them into technical systems, detect faults and their causes in technical systems, and document them.

For all our apprentices, Team spirit, performance incentives and sense of responsibility characterize our work. Every year we offer a comprehensive program with presentations at various education exhibitions, apprentice exchanges, etc. Last year we took part at the Chamber of Commerce’s educational exhibition, as well as at the local apprentice exchange.