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Today’s company management cannot be imagined without the topics of environmental protection and climate protection. Heiche Group has practiced active environmental protection for many years and has been awarded the environmental management certification ISO 14001:1996 and the energy management certification DIN EN 16001:2009 at the Schwaigern location. The endeavor of the company to use energy efficiently economically and ecologically has been a priority in the past, and is important today more than ever. While building new production halls in the eighties, Heiche has already placed great emphasis on the use of renewable energy. The heating of buildings was established with geothermal energy. The next step was to install the roofs with solar panels. The installed capacity on the production halls and warehouses of the Heiche Group is 130kWp and is extending constantly.

In 2005, the biggest vegetable oil block heat and power plant was built. Since then, all self-produced energy in the form of electricity and heat has been used in an economically and ecologically advantageous way. In January 2012, the new bio-natural gas block heat and power plant went into service, replacing the vegetable oil block heat and power plant. In 2020, the Federal Environment Ministry will require that all companies use at least 30% of renewable energy for their energy needs. Heiche Group already fulfills this requirement today.

An energy management system controls all consumptions such as electricity, hot water, cooling water, compressed air, fresh water and deionized water of every separate production line in our Headquarters in Germany. This system helps to detect shortages in the energy supply so we can react accordingly.