21 September 2017 – a very important date

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An extremely important date (sunset date) is coming for firms of galvanic technique because using chromium dioxide and further chromium substances will not be possible without permission after 21 September 2017. There was much debate in the specialised press for and against it. In fact, September is coming soon.
What does it mean for the HeicheGroup and for their customers?
In connection with hard chromium coatings nothing will yet change since the HeicheGroup as a member of Vecco has permission to use these proceedings requiring through the Hapoc GmbH Co. KG company. There is no decision yet about this application of authorisation and until September 2017 it will not get a decision. This means for the HeicheGroup that on the basis of our orders we can continue the production. Furthermore we assume that this application of authorisation will meet requirements as well as the HeicheGroup can continue the production for a couple of years, but not clear how long.
The situation is different with regard to chromium substances coatings proceedings (CrVl). In this case Vecco did not apply for the permission because there is similar proceedings like Chromital (Surtec650). AluCastProtect or Zamak Plus thought that the chance of the authorisation by ECHA was relatively small. It means that HeicheGroup will close all of the procedures based on chromating until September 2017. The customers were informed about it and they were able to use alternative processes. There are various alternative processes in the HeicheGroup as well, so we can expect calm September 2017.