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In 1965, Gerhard Heiche and his wife, Hannelore, founded the present Heiche GmbH Oberflächentechnik, in the basement of their home. After a difficult start-up phase, the chemical surface treatment of metal parts became the foundation of the company. Today a wide variety of manufacturing processes are performed in the most up-to-date facilities, where environmental protection is a top priority. We proudly serve the Automotive, Machinery, and Electronics industries.

In 2012, the strategic decision was made to start with a new location in the United States. After a side selection process had been started in early 2013, a great location was found in Spartanburg, SC, in the summer of the same year. In the second quarter, the setup and installation of the equipment was finished; and, since the third quarter, Heiche US Surface Technology has been ready for production.

We bring the knowledge of the treatment, finishing, coating and plating processes into our location in South Carolina. We are your job shop and can offer you various types of processes. As an expert for light metals like Aluminum and Magnesium, our job shop can E coat / Hard Anodizing, Conversion Coating, Passivation and residual clean washing operations. Our equipment and manufacturing expertise in our job shop handles very high clean requirements and customer expectations.

We are looking forward to assisting you as our customer. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Research and Development
Both the adaptation of existing methods to individual customer needs, as well as the development of new methods for serial production. The customers of the HEICHEGROUP appreciate the synergistic effects of the cooperation with process developments of the HEICHEGROUP.

The basis of research and development are the well-equipped laboratories, which puts us in a position to resolve almost all analytical questions in-house. As a result, custom proceeding adjustments are possible within a reasonable time frame. In our specifically designed test and laboratory production line that is operated by the R&D personnel only, we are able to develop processes and improve production baths without interrupting the current production runs.

For example, we did various samples to develop a conversion coating / passivation for steel. By working together with our headquarters in Germany, we developed a process and installed this at the current production line in Spartanburg. After some additional improvements locally, we were able to provide our customer with a very satisfying report, which included a solution for their current problem with this very sophisticated process for steel passivation.

Each location of HEICHEGROUP has an independent laboratory, which is in close contact with the central development in Schwaigern.

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Your Advantages with us
Advantages at a glance:
We are Your Job Shop Partner
Providing processes for surface coatings and treatments
Specialist for alloy light metal coating
Large process variety for aluminum and magnesium.
Defined processes for aluminum die casting
Deburring, Impregnation, Passivating, Anodizing, Hard Anodizing
Specialist for cleaning of components for gluing and bonding
Electronic components, structural components or interior
Research and development
Analytical possibilities in the laboratory and technical center.
We are where our Customers are
Six locations in strategically optimal positions
Customer service
Highly qualified staff are available to our customers.

A professional implementation of customer requirements, the error-free execution of orders and a comprehensive support of our customers is the basis for new business. Likewise the obligation for a permanent further education of our employees, as well as the constant advancement and improvement of our processes and quality.

It is for these reasons that we have chosen the Motto Competence for this year

By COMPETENCE we mean learnable skills that need to be translated into performance. Our acquired knowledge and skills, in combination with social competence, form the basis for the successful handling of required actions. Motivated employees play an important role here. COMPETENCE stands for the use of state-of-the-art technologies and procedures.

We demand the readiness for constant learning and employ our employees in such a way that preference and competence ideally complement one another. Overloading or underloading will not succeed. In order to meet the future requirements, we constantly adapt our training activities to current requirements.

In the leadership circle of the HEICHEGROUP, we see ourselves as a team in which different competencies are combined such that optimum results are achieved for the HEICHEGROUP. It’s not about the fact that individual employees can do everything, the mix does it. The best solutions within the HEICHEGROUP set the standard for the individual operation.

The motto also stands for the transfer of proven competence within the departments and plants, in order to consistently and successfully expand our processes and structures in line with the mottos of the last few years (WAKE-UP, STANDARDS, STABILITY and TRUST) to the entire HEICHEGROUP.

Our services

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