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Rich in tradition, the Heiche Group, an innovative company in its second generation, offers an exclusive range of coordinated surface processes which is unique in Europe.

We produce in five locations in Europe and in one location in the United States.
The main concentration of our processes includes applications in the areas of automotive supply, machine construction, and electrical and medical technology. Our core competencies are the finishing of light metals, steel and zinc die-casting.

Through process optimization and refinement, we strive to satisfy all our customers’ wishes.
We are not only involved in the further development of practical surface processes which meet our customers’ requirements, but we also offer a comprehensive logistical concept.

Environmental awarenessQuality AssuranceInnovationIntegrityDelegating responsibilityTeam workRespecting the individual
Environmental awareness
Our production sites are located in the heart of intact landscapes. Therefore, we feel especially obliged to the idea of environmental protection. We practice active environmental protection for our customers and our employees, for our environment and for the future generations.

Our manufacturing, water recycling and waste water treatment plants are state of the art and received all permits without any problems. Minimal water consumption is guaranteed by modern rinsing technology. Valuable raw materials and chemicals are reclaimed.

We produce a large part of our energy requirement with our block heat and power plants, which runs by renewable primary products, as well as by our photovoltaic power plants.

That production method means that our products are coated in addition to utilizing economical and qualitative aspects, under environmentally friendly factors. The HEICHEGROUP has introduced a matrix organization according to the environmental management system ISO 14001, and they have also introduced the energy management system DIN EN 16001.

Quality Assurance
In addition to environmental protection, quality control has a high priority in our integrated management system. It begins with the continual analysis of the baths in the statistic process control (SPC) system. Modern production equipment technology ensures coating which has consistently outstanding, reproducible quality.

With our new Heiche-Wiki-System, the learning organization becomes a reality. With our well-equipped laboratories in our locations in Schwaigern (GER), Leisnig (GER), Hunderdorf (GER), Stanowice (PL), Sátoraljaújhely (HU) and Spartanburg (USA), we can carry out extensive measurements and testing, exemplified inlayer thicknesses, climate testing and salt spray corrosion testing.

The HEICHEGROUP stands for innovation, which means the adaptation of existing methods to individual customer needs, as well as the development of new methods for serial production. The customers of the Heiche group appreciate the synergistic effects of cooperation with process developments of HEICHEGROUP worldwide.

The basis of the research and development are the well-equipped laboratories, which put us in a position to resolve almost all analytical issues in-house. As a result, specifically customer requested adjustments are possible, within a reasonable time frame.

“Don’t do things to others that you wouldn’t want to be done to you”. Despite the fact that the business environment is not always easy, we expect from ourselves and our business partners honesty, fairness and openness in dealing with each other.
Delegating responsibility
We want to use our employee’s talents to achieve our goals. We guide our employees so that they take responsibility for the results of their work. At the same time, we have the competence to take necessary actions to make decisions to reach those goals.
Team work
We are jointly committed to the goals and guidelines of the Heiche Group. We lead by exemplary work and behavior, by communication at all levels between all employees and departments. In this way, we can prove that we are more successful as a team and can achieve more than we would our own.
Respecting the individual
We provide a safe work environment, so that our employees can express their thoughts factually and fairly, without fear of unreasonable criticism. Mistakes are addressed frankly and constructively, so that abilities and behaviors can be developed in the interests of the individual and the company.