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21 September 2017 – a very important date

An extremely important date (sunset date) is coming for firms of galvanic technique because using chromium dioxide and further chromium substances will not be possible without permission after 21 September 2017. There was much debate in the specialised press for and against it. In fact, September is coming soon. What does it mean for the HeicheGroup and for their customers? In connection with hard chromium coatings nothing will yet change since the HeicheGroup as a member of Vecco has permission to use these ... Weiterlesen

Customer focus

Because of constantly rising transportation costs, the close integration with business partners became an important role for common success. With six Heiche locations for surface technology, we guarantee our business partners an excellent local supply to their plants. Whether regional or international, Heiche offers customized job shop solutions. Because Heiche has six job shops specialized for surface technology within Europe and the USA (i.e. three in Germany; one in Poland, one in Hungary, one in the southeast of US), we are able ... Weiterlesen

Coating of magnesium casting

Magnesium has become more and more important particularly in the automobile sector due to several of its excellent properties. The advantageous properties of this metal are described adequately in the technical literature: lighter than aluminum, very good hardness-weight-ratio, high resistance to impact, and excellent dimensional stability, just to mention a few. The challenge for the coating company is the high reactivity and the corrosion susceptibility of magnesium associated with it. Due to its years of experience, the Heiche Group offers its customers ... Weiterlesen

Environmental protection

Today’s company management cannot be imagined without the topics of environmental protection and climate protection. Heiche Group has practiced active environmental protection for many years and has been awarded the environmental management certification ISO 14001:1996 and the energy management certification DIN EN 16001:2009 at the Schwaigern location. The endeavor of the company to use energy efficiently economically and ecologically has been a priority in the past, and is important today more than ever. While building new production halls in the eighties, ... Weiterlesen


Cleanliness campaign at Heiche Surface Technology GmbH The subject of component cleanliness has quickly become an essential requirement for many different industries. There are hardly any drawings left that do not note limits in regards to component cleanliness. The HEICHEGROUP is affected by this development in many ways. Heiche is already known as an industry leader of metal surface treatments, especially with light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, steel and zinc die castings. In most cases, the raw materials will get delivered ... Weiterlesen


We look ahead! Our apprentices are the skilled employees of the future. The Heiche Group offers qualified and secure apprenticeships in industrial, as well as in commercial areas in Germany. Every year we give school graduates the possibility to start an apprenticeship at the Heiche Group. In our US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina we are looking into possibilities and want to develop an education program similar to Germany as well. Please read below, if you are interested. Our apprenticeship programs in Germany: Coating/Plating Technician This includes ... Weiterlesen

Management Systems

In order to meet the demands our customers, we offer quality and reliability at the highest level. Our goal is to be a company of surface technology where our customers consider us a reliable partner. We achieve this not only through our process quality and continuous improvement, but also through the development of our employees. An instrument for this success is our Integrated Management System (IMS), which supports us in our complex processes. Quality qualifications and growing our business successfully confirms ... Weiterlesen


Lean Management, production in time is an important requirement for optimal work-flow for our customers. Production coordinated with our partner’s guarantees needs-based production of large quantities in a short time. An important element here is scheduling and inventory management. We handle the logistics from the receiving of the items to the storage and further processing to our customers. Your benefits Capital release for investments in your company One contact person for a big range of parts Reduction of replacement time Not immediate ... Weiterlesen


With continually increasing transport costs, close contact and integration of the business partners is important for mutual success. Whether regional or international, Heiche offers optimal solutions for you. . The surface is often the last step in the added value of the component. Delivery to the end customer is often the best logistical solution. With our three German locations and two locations in Eastern Europe, as well as one location in the US, we are often where you have your customers. The ... Weiterlesen

Laboratory, Technical center

“Innovative – not superficial”,is a motto that also applies for the laboratory at the Heiche Group. Because our customers have very high requirements for quality, the control and management of the process baths take center stage. The control of the chrome (VI)-free process baths is a big challenge to the analytics. During the past few years, the laboratory has been expanded step-by-step. In addition to automatic titrations, an atomic absorption spectrometer and an ion chromatograph have been added. In the first ... Weiterlesen

Nano Coating

The Heiche Group has been engaged in the application of products using chemical nano technology since the year 2000. The products which are inorganic-organic hybrid-polymers are, in large part, based on a sol-gel manufacturing process. The applied coatings are smooth, with very thin layers, known for a remarkable property profile. This property profile can be controlled variably with the respective synthetic intervention (“tailor-made”). Properties Excellent adhesion on metals (especially on light metals) Excellent corrosion protection Hydrophobic (easy to clean – effect) Oil-repellent (oleophobic) Resistant to mechanical ... Weiterlesen


The Heiche Group, an innovative company in its second generation and rich in tradition, offers an exclusive range of controlled surface processes which is unique in Europe. We implement your standards for surfaces in our factories in Germany, Eastern Europe and in the United States. Through long years of experience, we are able to develop your individual requirements in our technical center located in our main factory in Schwaigern, and then implement them at our production facilities at our other locations. ... Weiterlesen


Heiche Group reduce CO2-Emissions The European Union has committed itself to lowering the CO2 emissions to around 20% by 2020. Federal German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers even 30% savings realistic. If other large CO2 producer countries, participate; the European Union will be prepared to reduce these emissions to 30% according to Angela Merkel. However, this large savings can only happen if the industry and each individual enterprise take part. This action should occur in the company’s own interest, because not only the ... Weiterlesen


Press release of the Heiche-Group  regarding the Ludwig-Erhard-Award 2008 “The Gerhard Heiche GmbH Oberflächentechnik was awarded the “Recognized for Excellence” prize at the Ludwig Erhard Awards. Customer orientation and social commitment ensure economic success. The economic success of companies not only results from customer orientation, but social commitment and the effects on society are also important. These are important criteria at the company’s competition within the framework of the Ludwig Erhard Award. Heiche Oberflächentechnik in Schwaigern reached the 400 – 450 ... Weiterlesen