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  • 02/01/2016
  • Latest News of our Development Zinc flake coating on steel substrate with outstanding corrosion protection. First results from our development department are showing an excellent property profile for a new type of zinc flake coating. With this coating corrosion resistance values of several 1000 hours acc. DIN EN ISO 9227 can be achieved for coating thicknesses of 10-12 µ without red rust. The new zinc flake coating can also be characterized by further interesting properties: weldable as well for laser welding, free of heavy metals, temperature resistance up to 450°C

  • 01/01/2016
  • Our Motto 2016: STABILITY “STABILITY stands for a stable and strong group, which is still after 50 years a family owned business with continuous growth. We live honestly, are authentic and consistent in what we do. But at the same time requesting the same commitments of our rules and agreements. The motto STABILITY stands that we continue the path for more STANDARDS in the HEICHEGROUP. We continuously and consistently implement the STANDARDS in depth before we start new projects. Andreas Heuschele CEO HEICHEGROUP January 2016
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