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Through the Conversion / Passivation coating, metals are covered with a non-metallic, Cr (VI) -free protective layer. In the HEICHEGROUP a variety of metal surfaces such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc die casting or steel can be passivated with a variety of procedures, including multi-metal pre-treatments. Conversion / passivation coatings offer excellent raw metal corrosion protection. Also, they are an ideal subsequent adhesive agent for additional coatings, adhesives and powder coatings.

In the HEICHEGROUP the following conversion / passivations coating are used:

Alodine 4850 by Henkel, SurTec 650 (ChromitAL), SurTec 609 (ZetaCoat), Gardobond X4707, or Gardolene 6800/6 of Chemetall or Zamak Protect.

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