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The hard chrome plating is a galvanic, or electrochemical process in which the chromium layer is applied directly with different layer thickness to the base material, without any intermediate layers. Hard chromium plating is often used in precision engineering and the precision industry.


The coating is characterized by its high hardness (68-72HRc), low wear, minimal adhesiveness and good corrosion resistance. One of the main advantages of hard chrome plated surfaces is the extended lifetime of wear and durable demanding components. In addition, it is possible to make high-quality, “worn out” components reusable, by a hard chrome plating process. This can cause a huge cost reduction. Because of the hard chrome plating, it is possible to use a standard steel material, instead of using a high quality alloy steel. However, in the end, it has to meet the mechanical and physical requirements of the component.

In the HEICHEGROUP  the  following hard chrome system is used: electrolytes from company Enthone.

We offer this process in our location in Poland. For additional information please contact: info@us.heichegroup.com