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Even with careful casting techniques, some castings can have some porosity, which makes parts for the intended application unusable. Through our modern methods of impregnation, it is possible to seal cracks and sinkholes. The impregnated parts are characterized by excellent temperature and pressure resistance as well as a very good chemical resistance. We apply our advanced environmental technology. During the impregnating process, the surface properties get optimized, which are ideal conditions for further painting or other coating. Often the casting impregnation is also known as “sealing”, “Vacuum-resin method” or “compressing.”

In the HEICHEGROUP the following systems are used:: Rexal by the company Ultra Seal and Anaseal by the company Chemence.

We offer this process in our locations in Spartanburg (USA), Schwaigern (Ger), Hungary and Poland. For additional information please contact: